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The House on Blackberry Hill: Jewel Cove #1 by Donna Alward

House on Blackberry Hill (Jewell Cove, #1)House on Blackberry Hill by Donna Alward

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Abby Foster has a mind of her own and determines which way her compass points. She’s an independent woman traveling from Canada to the USA to put a mysterious family connection behind her.

Problem is that Jewell Cove is a small town with plenty of historical skeletons to unearth. Abby is in for an adventure she didn’t see coming when she meets Tom Arsenault.

Tom is hired as her contractor but their connection is strong and helps them form a friendship. They argue with each other, they listen to each other, and they work on The House on Blackberry Hill together for different reasons.

Abby may sell it and Tom is trying to fix it up for her as the local contractor.

What Abby doesn’t realize is she’s investing into the community the house sits on and all of its secrets. Possibly too explosive to realize by herself Abby reaches out to Tom with family history she discovers. There are photos and letters hidden away in chests and in secret spots in the house. And… a ghost that offers a lesson for us all.

Tom, who has a broken heart from another woman, doesn’t turn her away when she opens her heart to him. Instead, he steps into her life and into her arms providing an answer to all of Abby’s lonely days that she never expected.

Family is a key theme in this well written book by Donna Alward and the sounding bell for this story is that family is often one you define not necessarily from the blood you share with others. A lovely romance with a constant passion this book is a must read for everyone. Heartwarming and full of great coastal scenery for the setting.

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